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Oferta: MS 20696 Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps using System Center Configuration Manager

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MS 20696 Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps using System Center Configuration Manager

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Course OutlineModule 1: Managing Desktops and Devices in the EnterpriseThis module explains the features included in System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager and Windows Intune and how you can use these solutions to manage desktops and devices in an enterprise environment. LessonsSystems Management Using Configuration Manager and Windows IntuneOverview of Configuration Manager and Cloud Services ArchitectureOverview of the Configuration Manager Administrative ToolsMonitoring and Troubleshooting a Configuration Manager SiteIntroduction to Queries and ReportsLab : Performing Administrative Tasks by Using the Configuration Manager ToolsSearching in the Configuration Manager ConsoleUsing Windows PowerShell with Configuration ManagerManaging Components by Using Configuration Manager Service ManagerMonitoring Site and Component StatusReviewing Log Files by Using Configuration Manager Trace Log ToolLab : Creating Queries and Configuring Reporting ServicesCreating Data QueriesCreating Subselect QueriesConfiguring a Reporting Services PointAfter completing this module, students will be able to:Explain how using Configuration Manager and Windows Intune addresses the challenges of managing systems and users in today’s enterprise.Describe the Configuration Manager, Windows Intune, and Microsoft Azure cloud services architecture.Describe the management tools that you use to perform administrative functions for Configuration Manager and Windows Intune.Describe the tools that you use to monitor and troubleshoot a Configuration Manager site.Describe the Configuration Manager queries and reports.Module 2: Preparing the Infrastructure to Support Desktop and Device ManagementThis module explains how to prepare the management infrastructure including the configuration of boundary groups, resource discovery, role-based administration, and mobile device management integration with Exchange Server.LessonsConfiguring Boundaries and Boundary GroupsConfiguring Resource DiscoveryConfiguring the Exchange Server Connector for Mobile Device ManagementConfiguring User and Device CollectionsConfiguring Role-Based AdministrationLab : Configuring Boundaries and Resource DiscoveryConfiguring Boundaries and Boundary GroupsConfiguring Active Directory Discovery MethodsLab : Configuring User and Device CollectionsCreating a Device CollectionCreating a User CollectionConfiguring a Maintenance Window,Lab : Configuring Role-Based AdministrationConfiguring a New Scope for Toronto AdministratorsConfiguring a New Administrative UserAfter completing this module, students will be able to:Configure boundaries and boundary groups.Configure resource discovery.Configure the Exchange Server Connector for mobile device management.Configure user and device collections.Configure role-based administration.Module 3: Deploying and Managing the Configuration Manager ClientThis module explains how to deploy and manage the Configuration Manager client.LessonsOverview of the Configuration Manager ClientDeploying the Configuration Manager ClientManaging Client Settings in Configuration ManagerLab : Deploying the Configuration Manager Client SoftwarePreparing the Site for Client InstallationDeploying the Configuration Manager Client Software by Using Client Push InstallationLab : Managing Client SettingsConfiguring Client SettingsAfter completing this module, students will be able to:Describe the requirements and considerations for installing the Configuration Manager client.Deploy the Configuration Manager client.Manage client settings.Module 4: Managing Inventory for PCs and ApplicationsThis module explains the inventory collection process and explains how to configure, manage, and monitor hardware and software inventory, and use Asset Intelligence and Software Metering.LessonsOverview of Inventory CollectionConfiguring Hardware and Software InventoryManaging Inventory CollectionConfiguring Software MeteringConfiguring Asset IntelligenceLab : Configuring and Managing Inventory CollectionConfiguring Hardware InventoryLab : Configuring Software MeteringConfiguring Software MeteringLab : Configuring and Managing Asset IntelligencePreparing the Site for Asset IntelligenceConfiguring Asset IntelligenceCustomizing the Asset Intelligence CatalogViewing Asset Intelligence ReportsAfter completing this module, students will be able to:Describe inventory collection and identify differences between managing personal and corporate owned devices.Configure and collect hardware and software inventory.Manage inventory collection.Configure and manage Software Metering.Configure and manageAsset Intelligence.Module 5: Distributing and Managing Content Used for DeploymentsThis module explains how to identify and configure the most appropriate method to distribute and manage content used for deployments.LessonsPreparing the Infrastructure for Content ManagementDistributing and Managing Content on Distribution PointsLab : Distributing and Managing Content for DeploymentsInstalling a New Distribution PointManaging Content DistributionImplementing Content PrestagingAfter completing this module, students will be able to:Prepare the infrastructure for content management.Distribute and manage content on distribution points.Grupa docelowa About this CourseGet expert instruction and hands-on practice configuring and managing clients and devices using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, Windows Intune, and its associated site systems. In this five-day course, you will learn day-to-day management tasks including how to manage software client health, hardware and software inventory, applications. and integration with Windows Intune. You will also learn how to optimize Endpoint Protection, manage compliance, and create management queries and reports. This course is also intended for individuals who are interested in taking exam 70-696.Audience ProfileThis course is intended for experienced IT Professionals, typically described as Enterprise Desktop Administrator (EDA). These EDAs deploy, manage, and maintain PCs, devices, and applications across medium/large/enterprise organizations. A significant portion of this audience uses or intends to use System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager and Windows Intune to manage and deploy PCs, devices, and applications. The Enterprise Desktop Administrator also supports either domain joined or non-domain joined Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios, mobile device management, and secure data access on common platforms, such as Windows 8.x, Windows Phone 8.x, iOS, and Android by using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager with Windows Intune.At Course CompletionAfter completing this course, students will be able to:Manage desktops and devices in the enterprise.Prepare the infrastructure to support desktop and device management.Deploy and manage the Configuration Manager client.Manage inventory for PCs and applications.Distribute and manage content used for deployments.Deploy and manage applications.Manage mobile devices by integrating Windows Intune with Configuration Manager.Maintain software updates for managed PCs.Implement Endpoint Protection for managed PCs.Manage compliance and secure data access.Manage client status, power management, and remote administration.Maintain Configuration Manager sites and site systems.Metodologia Wykłady + Ćwiczenia praktyczneCertyfikat Certyfikat Microsoft

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